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Woore Parish Council

Traffic Speed Monitoring

We also have a fixed Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) located on the A51 at Priory Gardens (facing south towards The Chetwode) and the information from this is located above under Priory Gardens. We are able to publish this only as often as SC forward updated information to us, which we do as soon as it's received. There is also now a VAS on the A525 Newcastle Road entrance to Woore. Figures for both were at last been received (July 2019) but needed some editing before publication, for ease of reading. Shropshire Council has provided nothing since then!

The Priory Gardens figures have now been published, but Newcastle Road's are sadly faulty - only 165 vehicles recorded in 5 months! The file is available by email on request but has not been published, for obvious reasons.


Analysis of the figures from the fortnightly data of our own MVAS located A51 at Woore School , a 30mph zone.

Yet again this shows numerous vehicles exceeding the 30 mph limit by 30 mph i.e. over 60, with one vehicle at 72mph.

Further analysis of the data shows 4.79% of 42,236 vehicles exceeded the speed limit by 6mph (36 mph) or more, i.e. 2,023 vehicles, added to the 5,684 vehicles advised for previous periods this makes a total of 7,707 vehicles since the 22nd October 2019 travelling at prosecutable speeds in the parish.

Unfortunately Road Safety Data still seems to be a low priority for Shropshire Council as they have still not provided fresh data for the VAS’s installed by them.






MVAS Data from latest fortnight's readings

Having opened the Excel data by clicking on the link above you will be presented with a page headed by a box titled

Sequence Average and Maximum Speed

Below this is a graph and below that dates and times.

If you left click (depending on set-up) anywhere within the box it will highlight the box. You can then “hover” over any point on the graph which will then give further information i.e. day, hour and speed.

On the left side outside the box are headings two for more detailed information

·         Chart, which you’re already in and immediately below that

·         Table. This gives average information on an hourly basis

·         Table again, under Raw Data, this gives every activation and often runs into the 100s of thousands as vehicles are “Tracked” and will activate the device more than once.


Unfortunately again the latest figures show numerous vehicles exceeding the 40 mph speed limit by 20 mph and above.



As the mid-March 2017 readings showed two vehicles exceeding 90mph that month we did some further analysis, and the story was picked up by the local press (below):

Of 60,424 vehicles .75% were exceeding 50mph which equates to 453

                               .04% were exceeding 60mph which equates to   24

                               .01% were exceeding 70mph which equates to     6 of which 2 (as above) were over 90mph

Worryingly many of these were between the hours of 07:00 and 23:00

This story received further coverage in the local press:



One of the MVAS signs in operation


Woore Parish Council Traffic Speed Monitoring