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Neighbourhood Plan


Full details of the Neighbourhood Planning Process from inception to ultimate success (2016-2019) can be found on the web site of the former Neighbourhood Planning Team - http://www.woorenpt.org.uk


Now that the Plan has been made by Shropshire Council (July 2019), and is part of the County's planning process, the Parish Council takes responsibility for monitoring its success, and whether during its life (until 2036) it needs review or amendment. Inquiries about this should now (2019 onwards) be made to the Council.


The Development Boundary of the Parish established in July 2019



At Shropshire Council's meeting on 25th July 2019 the decision to 'make' the Woore Neighbourhood Plan was agreed unanimously - apart from it now being a statutory planning document, the Parish's future CIL entitlement is now 25%.



The figures were as follows:

Yes 310 (95.09%) No 16 (4.91%). 326 of 1051 electors voted, in person (221) or by post (105). Turnout 31.02%. 30th May 2019.





The development Boundary established in July 2019 WooreParish_DevelopmentBoundary2019.pdf 1001.1 KB Plan as 'Made' 25 July 2019 Woore-Neighbourhood--Plan-2019.pdf 1.5 MB Arguments for Voting YES 30th May 2019 flyer.pdf 128.2 KB Notice of Referendum on 30th May 2019 Notice-of-Referendum---Woore.pdf 45.6 KB Information statement on Referendum information-statement-woore.pdf 97.9 KB Final Version of Plan for the Referendum May 2019 ReferendumPlan.pdf 2.5 MB Information Statement for Referendum Poll 30th May 2019 information-statement-woore.pdf 97.9 KB APM Report 2019 Neighbourhood-Plan-Report-for-APM-2019.pdf 279 KB Examiner's Final Report December 2019 woore-neighbourhood-plan-examiners-final-report-dec2018.pdf 311.9 KB Draft Plan May 2018 Final-Woore-Reg-16-Plan-May-2018.pdf 1.7 MB Basic Condition Statement May 2018 Final-Woore-Basic-Condition-Statement-May-2018.pdf 918.3 KB Consultation Statement May 2018 Final-Woore-Consultation-Statement-May-2018.pdf 1.4 MB SEA Screening Rport May 2018 Woore-SEA-Screening-Report-May-2018.pdf 1.8 MB Shropshire Council Feedback Form June 2018 woore-neighbourhood-plan-response-form-SC.doc 964.5 KB Draft Plan January 2018 WooreReg14Jan2018.pdf 1.6 MB Feedback Form for use with Draft Plan Consultation Reg-14-Consultation-Feedback.pdf 560.3 KB Big Questionnaire Analysis August 2017 Questionnaire-Analysis-August-2017.docx 3.4 MB The Big Questionnaire June 2017 Woore-Big-Questionnaire.pdf 1.2 MB December First Questionnaire to Residents Woore-First-Questionnaire---Final.docx 624.4 KB Big Questionnaire Flyer WOORE-PARISH-NEIGHBOURHOOD-PLAN_Portrait.docx 55.9 KB
Draft Plan Consultation February 2018 Draft Plan Consultation February 2018
Get involved - complete and return your copy! Get involved - complete and return your copy!