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Neighbourhood Plan (legacy)

For More Information see the Neighbourhood Plan web site: http://www.woorenpt.org.uk

Download the Big Questionnaire below, and return it either to the collector who tells you they will call on a certain day or 25th June, to the box in the Country Store in The Square, or to info@woorenpt.org.uk

Fantastic Response

Members of the Neighbourhood Planning Team, meeting on 26th June, were delighted at the fantastic response  to our Big Questionnaire. Already over 50% of the forms we distributed have been returned, and we know more are on the way. Collection by volunteers has now ended, but a lot of residents asked for extra forms (or time) during this, and promised to return them soon. We are grateful to Andy, in Woore Country Store, for keeping the collection box in the shop available until after the coming weekend, so these can be received. Already over 200 forms have passed through the box, for which he has given space among his newspapers. The return rate we have already had is of course far higher than the usual poll in local government elections, and we are very grateful to all those residents and businesses who have taken the trouble to respond. The replies will now be analysed, so we can be certain of the policies which have genuine public support for inclusion in the Plan for Woore Parish, and the results will be published later in the Summer. We are on course to take the proposed Plan to public Referendum during the course of next year.

The Team is of course aware of the latest news on HS2 road traffic passing through the village from the building site on the far side of Bar Hill once construction work reaches that far, and if any development in the Parish itself is intended (the line of course being in Madeley in Staffordshire, although they wish to take the spoil through Shropshire instead it seems) we will take every account of this in drafting the relevant policies.


For notices of meetings etc see Specific NPT Page on this site, or the Neighbourhood Plan web site: http://www.woorenpt.org.uk