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Woore Parish Council


High Speed Rail Information for the Parish of Woore, on the Woore Parish Council official website

Owen Paterson Response 03/02/20 OP-response-030220.pdf 273.4 KB Owen Paterson letter29/01/20 let-Owen-Paterson-29th-Jan--2020-.docx 29.2 KB Woore Air Quality Report Woore-Air-Quality-Report-(FINAL).pdf 881.5 KB Action Note 23/10/19 Action-note-23.10.2019.docx 37.8 KB Owen Paterson Letter 10/9/19 scan.pdf 777.4 KB A525 - A51 Junction and Crossing Proposed n.1-A525-51-junction-and-crossing-proposed-works-view.pdf 247.5 KB A525 - A51 Junction and Crossing Existing n.2-A525-51-junction-and-crossing-exsisting-view.pdf 219.8 KB Woorer House of Lords Petition Letter Woore-HoL-PAL-October-2019-FINAL.pdf 145.5 KB Woore Traffic Calming Summary Table Copy-of-Copy-of-Copy-of-Woore-traffic-calming-summary-table.xlsx 22.4 KB HS2 Traffic Revised Scheme HS2-Traffic-Updated-to-AP-Revised-Scheme-Rev-2.xlsx 31.7 KB HS2 Update 26/7/19 Joint-HS2-Update-26-07-19.docx 20.1 KB Lords Petition submitted 13.08.19 Lords-Petition-Aug-2019.docx 51.2 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 12.08.19 let-Owen-Paterson-12-08-19.docx 27.2 KB Letter Clive Wright 11.08.19 let-Clive-Wright-3rd-11th-Aug-2019.docx 30.3 KB Notice of Meeting to Petition House of Lords 12.08.19 Petition-Notice.docx 12.8 KB Joint HS2 Update 26-07-19 Joint-HS2-Update-26-07-19.docx 20.1 KB HS2 letter to Rt HonOwen Paterson MP 23.07.19 let-Owen-Patterson---23-07-19.docx 28.5 KB HS2 letter to Clive Wright Shropshire Council 23.07.19 let-Clive-Wright----23-07-19.docx 29.1 KB Woore Village Permanent Bypass Report Woore-Village-Permanent-Bypass-Report.pdf 4.1 MB Woore Village Permanent Bypass - Cost Summary Woore-Permanent-Bypass---Cost-Summary.pdf 33.4 KB Action Note Meeting 14/6/19 Action-note-meeting-14.06.2019-HS2.docx 61.8 KB Woore Traffic Calming and Footway Provision Woore-Village-Traffic-Calming-and-Footway-Provision-24-06-19.pdf 1.1 MB Passing Points Along A525 E12_VOL4_OFF_ROUTE_EFFECTS_WATERMARKED.indd.pdf 1 MB Woore Parish in relation to HS2 line map C861-ARP-PT-SKE-000-100376.pdf 7.1 MB HS2 Being a Good Neighbour Report Jul - Dec 2018 HS2-6_month_report_Jul-Dec2018.pdf 1.3 MB HS2 Newsletter March 2019 HS2-Phase2a-Newsletter-March-19.pdf 2.8 MB HS2's Traffic Calming and Road Safety Provision Options for Woore HS2-Traffic-Calming-and-Road-Safety-Provision-Options---Woore-Village.pdf 3.6 MB Shropshire Star article re HS2 - Jan 2019 HS2-Shropshire-Star.docx 133.1 KB HS2's Appraisal of Alternative Construction Routes HS2-Woore-Parish-Council-Proposal---Alternative-Construction-Routes-Appraisal-(FINAL).pdf 3.5 MB Minutes of Meeting with HS2 19.10.18 HS2-Minutes-Meeting-19.10.18.pdf 201.8 KB Letter Dept of Transport to Parish Council 12.10.18 HS2-Letter-from-Dept-of-Transport-12.10.18.pdf 88.7 KB Flyer for HS2 Drop In events - Autumn 2018 HS2-drop-in-events-2018.pdf 721.7 KB Letter Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP to Cllr Chell 15.10.18 HS2-Letter-from-Dame-Cheryl-Gillan-MP-to-Cllr-Chell.pdf 384 KB HS2's Woore Traffic Survey Report August 2018 HS2---Woore-Traffic-Survey-Report-August-2018.pdf 402.3 KB Letter to Prime Minister 13.09.18 HS2---Letter-to-Rt.-Hon.-Mrs-May-(final-on-letterhead)-(2).docx 34.3 KB HS2 Update (Sept 2018) - Newsletter published by HS2 HS2---Phase-2a-Newsletter.pdf 1.9 MB Link to HS2 Select Committee 2nd Report HS2---Select-Committee-2nd-Report-link.pdf 247.7 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 26.06.18 HS2-Letter---OP-to-PC-26.06.18.pdf 698.7 KB HS2's Response to Select Committee's First Report HS2---Response-to-first-special-report.pdf 4.5 MB Transcript Petition Hearing 21.05.18 Evening Session HS2-Transcript-Evening.pdf 433 KB Transcript Petition Hearing 21.05.18 Afternoon Session HS2-AFTERNOON-TRANSCRIPT.pdf 497.8 KB Email dated 25.04.18 from HS2 to Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP HS2-Email-to-OP-25.04.18.docx 15 KB HS2's Response to Parish Council's Petition HS2-Response-to-PC's-Petition.pdf 468.4 KB HS2 Guide for Petitioners HS2-Guide-for-Petitioners.pdf 668.5 KB Email dated 07.03.18 from the Clerk of Private Bills HS2-Email-from-Clerk-of-Private-Bills-07.03.18.pdf 404.7 KB Email dated 28.02.18 from HS2 Petition Response Team HS2-Email-from-HS2-Petition-Response-Team-28.02.18.pdf 897.3 KB Email dated 02.02.18 from Clerk of Private Bills HS2-Email-from-Clerk-of-Private-Bills-02.02.18.pdf 325.4 KB HS2 Standard Initial Response to PC's Petition HS2-Parliamentary-Petition-Response-Info.pdf 895.1 KB PC's Petition to House of Commons HS2-Phase-2a-Petition-Template-(AutoRecovered).docx 53.5 KB Notice of the PC's intention to resolve to petition Parliament Section-239-notice.docx 17.4 KB HS2 Petition Process Map HS2-Petition-Process-Map.pdf 2.5 MB Agenda for Meeting with HS2 on 09.01.18 HS2-Meeting-Agend-09.01.18.docx 60.2 KB Email dated 05.12.17 from Terry Stafford of HS2 HS2---Email-from-Terry-Stafford.pdf 284.9 KB Letter PC to Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 22.11.17 HS2-Letter---PC-to-OP-22.11.17.docx 13.3 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 27.11.17 HS2-Letter-OP-to-PC-27.11.17.pdf 575.2 KB Correspondence between Stephen Parkin and HS2 & Others HS2-Stephen-Parkin-correspondence.pdf 6.9 MB Letter HS2 to Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 08.11.17 Letter-HS2-to-MP-08.11.17.pdf 1.2 MB HS2 Information Sheet Construction Traffic Through Woore HS2-Information-Sheet-re-Woore.pdf 2.9 MB HS2 Independent Assessor Report Nov. 2017 HS2-Phase-2a-Independent-Assessor-Report-171120.pdf 2 MB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 10.10.17 HS2-Letter---OP-to-PC-10.10-.17.pdf 288.2 KB Letter PC to Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 09.10.17 Letter-to-Owen-Paterson-MP-06.10.17.docx 14.2 KB Letter Secretary of State to MP 27.09.17 HS2-Letter-Sec-of-State-to-OP-27.09.17.pdf 1.3 MB PC's Response to HS2 Env Consultation HS2-Environmental-Statement-Consultation-Response.docx 27.2 KB WPAG's Response to HS2 Env Consultation WPAG-Environmental-Statement-Response.docx 16.3 KB PC's Response to HS2 EQI Impact HS2-Equality-Impact-Assessment-Response.docx 14.3 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 27.09.17 HS2-Letter---OP-to-PC-27.09.17.pdf 445.3 KB Letter PC Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 06.10.17 Letter-to-Owen-Paterson-MP-06.10.17.docx 14 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 27.09.17 HS2---Letter-OP-27.09.17.pdf 365.2 KB Letter HS2 to MP 22.09.17 HS2-Letter---HS2-to-OP-22.209.17.pdf 1 MB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 05.09.17 Rt-Hon-Owen-Paterson-MP-letter-05.09.17.pdf 671.6 KB Letter HS2 to MP 12.09.17 HS2-Letter-HS2-to-OP-12.09.17.pdf 2.7 MB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 11.09.17 Letter-from-Owen-Paterson-MP-13.09.17.pdf 540.9 KB HS2 WPAG BBC Report WPAG-BBC-Notice.docx 21 KB HS2 Woore Parish Action Group Flier 05.08.17 HS2-Woore-Parish-Flier-final.docx 457.5 KB Parliamentary Engagement Workshop Flier Flyer-for-Parliamentary-Engagement---------------------Workshop.docx 13 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 03.08.17 Letter-OP-to-PC-03.08.17.pdf 283.3 KB Questions raised with HS2 by Woore PC HS2-Questions-July-2017.docx 16.6 KB Letter HS2 to MP 27.07.17 HS2-Letter---HS2-to-OP-27.07.17.pdf 1.1 MB Minutes PC Meeting 10th July 2017 Minutes-July-2017-(1st-Meeting).docx 24.1 KB HS2 Replies to Questions raised by the PC HS2-Q-and-As.docx 22.9 KB Minutes PC Meeting 24th July 2017 Minutes-July-2017-(24th)-Draft.docx 43.1 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 18.07.17 HS2-Letter---OP-to-PC-18.07.17.pdf 755.1 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 06.07.17 HS2-Letter---OP-to-PC-06.07.17.pdf 461.7 KB Letter Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP 03.07.17 HS2-Letter-OP-to-PC-03.07.17.pdf 471.6 KB Minutes PC Meeting November 2016 Minutes-November-2016.docx 28.8 KB